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 Some things should be changed! Please read this!

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PostSubject: Some things should be changed! Please read this!    Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:23 pm

Ok lets start...I think there is a big mess at Item Merchant Nina,allot of skills for all classes,lvl 1-130 skills...its really big and bad mess there,my advice is to sort all of the skills to the skillmaster in Bera for lvl 110 to 150...and the skills at skillmaster Ruby for lvl 110+ should be removed and moved to skillmaster in Bera! Allot of skils aren't working,in every class...Cleric skill "protect" is really good and important for party,and its the first skill that isn't working,so please fix it.And there are few skills that cant be powered up like "heal" at cleric! So please fix that too. And its big mess about gears and armors for every class. For lvl 130 to 133 gear everything is cool,great def,good evasion,but there is M.def=100? i think that is not so good...So you should fix that too. And yea,there are few skills missing at all classes. I played on original fiesta server and on few private servers,and i know from those servers that some skills are missing in every class. Wizzards should have 2 more AOE spells with good damage,so please add that if its possible Very Happy ... And yea i had some ideas about production skills,you should make production skills better,it would be good if there were recipes for SCROLLS,like tier 3,4,5,so people can make it and sell,it would be much better,and same thing about potions,you should make recipes for potions tier 3,4,5 too...I hope that some people will agree with me.

But beside all that things, PINTOS IS THE BEST PRIVATE SERVER! Very Happy

I talked to Isiah ingame,and this message is for him.I hope you will fix some of this things so server can be better! P.S. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH! Hope you will understand everything! Cheers! Laughing
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Some things should be changed! Please read this!
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