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 Revenge's List of events

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PostSubject: Revenge's List of events   Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:41 am

NFO - Noob Face Off [ Only lvl 1 weapon is allowed to use. No Skins, no gears, no accessories etc. ] CS not allowed

LMS - Last man Standing [ All weapon and gears can be use except CS items ]

Q&A - Question and Answer [ Common sense lol! ]

Jumbled Words - [ The letters of each word are jumbled (all mixed up). Can you put them in the right order? Laughing ]

H&S - Hide and seek [ Common sense Razz ]

Spawn event in Elderine / Uruga

If you have any suggestions, reply to this topic or kindly pm in game [EventGM]Revenge
For any in game questions /w me if im online lol!
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Revenge's List of events
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