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 Application for Staff ;)

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PostSubject: Application for Staff ;)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:35 pm

Heyyy! I am Barhoomti, Im a 12 year old kid who plays fiesta since 4 years Wink! I applied to many servers got accepted from some of em and got rejected from others, Ive worked as staff lots of times and im looking forward to be a staff in Pintos Online I live in Jordan, I speak both arabic and english languages and I'm very helpful and friendly I wanna be a staff no matter what role i Get Im great at all roles EXCEPT Dev'ving xD! I like to answer questions be active on the forums and do events *which dont exist* I hope that you took a bit of your time and read my application Wink! Please reply and dont ignore me Wink!
-Sincerely Barhoomti :3
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Application for Staff ;)
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