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 Problem with Cash Shop Gear

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PostSubject: Problem with Cash Shop Gear   Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:08 pm

The problem I see is that my Mdef seem to maxes out and actually starts to go negative when adding my gear on. My mage is full CS But yet when I start adding on my 5% gear over that the mdef actually starts going down and turns red and says negative. I would assume there was suppose to be a max Mdef. If I add the gear like shorts and shoes my Mdmg goes up but my Mdef goes down.

My current Mdef is 2094788! If I add shorts and shoes my Mdef drops to around 1900000 and shows negative. Please fix the variable in game to where my mdef is suppose to still go up if i place this gear on. that is the whole purpose of CS gear right!!

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Problem with Cash Shop Gear
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