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 Hello again

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PostSubject: Hello again   Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:57 am

I actually did it right and managed to enter my ACC so... i just copy paste the message Smile

Hello all, actually its me Fachita again... But with my wife's account... cuz i don't remember my user/passwd or how to log in with it... I just came to say thanks to all for the great times... I remember almost all of you guys (the ones that where when i was Dev) and i want to say... thanks for all... for being a part of a great moment in my life... I would love to talk to my old mates but i don't know where are they or if there is a new web/forum or something... i don't know if i'll be back to read an answer to this post but i just want you guys to know that i have never forgot the moments here...

Thanks again for all, hope you are all okay healthy and happy...




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Hello again
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