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 Movie Crew

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PostSubject: Movie Crew   Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:57 pm

Hello viewer!!!

PintosFiestaGamer is looking for a Movie crew!! This crew will win all Movie contest from Pintos Online...
We are looking for the top 5 people only!! If you would like to join please fill out the info below to get started!!!

By joining the Movie Crew you are a staff member of PintosFiestaGamer

PintosFiestaGamer App:
Your real name:



Date of birth:

Location (Country):

About you:
[Type about you here]

why do you want to join:

Recent work (youtube link)

Recent work (email your work if you don't have it on Youtube) (put a "O" in this place if it's on youtube other wise put a "X" and we will contact you)

Remember: We only accept people with video-production experience, don't apply if you want to be an actor.

We also only accept machinima and NO gameplay videos. If you like to make videos of yourself killing a bossmonster, that's great for you, but we won't accept your application.

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Movie Crew
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