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PostSubject: PintosFiestaGamer   Sat Jan 08, 2011 1:17 am

Hello Viewer!

Were looking for 5 Global moderators to help take care of the forums! If you want to be a Global moderators then please sign up on forums and send a Private Message to "PintosFiestaGamer" saying you want to be a Global moderators and why you should be one.
PintosFiestaGamer Crew would like to say we are more then happy to let users in our new forums now! If your looking for 24/7 help but can't get it then this is your place to be!

We hope to see you on forums and posting!! We have UNLIMITED SPACE so post much as you can. But remember stay on topic! We also have a chat room on forums thats even better then our chat on our site and all the other Pintos chats. Place little videos and tons of images and everything in our chat.

Don't forget UNLIMITED SPACE so post away!

How to find the forums:
Go to
Then click "Forums" located on the nav-bar



PintosFiestaGamer Crew
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